The goal of the Bridging Open Work Permit (BOWP) is to literally ‘bridge’ the gap between an expiring work permit and the final decision on a permanent residence application. In other words, this option is available to foreign nationals currently in Canada, whose work permit is expiring within four months, and who have applied for permanent residence under one of the programs listed below.

Bridging Open Work Permit Fact #1

"*Note that provincial nominee applicants who have employment restrictions stated on their nomination certificate cannot obtain a Bridging Open Work Permit."

BOWP Requirements

1. your electronic application for permanent residence (e-APR) was submitted under Express Entry has passed the completeness check

2. you have received a positive eligibility assessment on your paper Application for Permanent Residence submitted by mail under 1 of the programs listed above.

You Cannot Apply For Bridging Open Work Permit if:

Submit Your Resume (CV)

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Spouses and Common-Law Partners of BOWP Holders

In order to obtain an open work permit for your spouse or common-law partner, certain requirements must be met.

Bridging Open Work Permit Fact #2

"Note that Bridging Open Work Permits for Provincial Nominee applicants will be limited to the province that nominated them. Applicants under all the other immigration programs will not have restrictions on the employment location. "