People from around the world choose to study in Canada for its excellent educational system. Canadian universities, colleges and polytechnics are regularly praised for quality, relevance and flexibility. Above all, international students appreciate its welcoming environment, career and immigration opportunities.

Study in Canada & Immigrate

A large number of international students stay in Canada after graduation. Innovative immigration programs allow international graduates to obtain valuable work experience and fulfill their potential in highly competitive economy. 

Many among them stay permanently and make Canada their new home. 

This is a mutually beneficial relationship. Canada gains too. Some of the brightest and most entrepreneurial individuals strengthen our Canadian family. 

Study Permit Holders Canada 2004-2017

Why Study in Canada is so Popular?

Apart from the excellent educational system, international student benefit from:

  1. The option to work during studies.
  2. Possibility to obtain a Post-Graduation Work Permit upon completion of studies, which allows them to work for up to 3 years for almost any employer in Canada.
  3. Extra points for Canadian education towards their permanent residence under the Express Entry system.
  4. Countless provincial nominee programs designed to help international graduates to obtain permanent residence.
  5. The time spent in Canada as an international student counts towards time requirement for obtaining Canadian citizenship. 

Do you plan to study in Canada?

And later become a permanent resident?

Or would you like to keep your options open?

It is essential to have a proper plan from the beginning.

There are several important requirements for studying in Canada. Before you start your search for a school and a study program, you should review the basics. Find out what is a work permit and who needs it. Learn whether your family members can accompany you to Canada. And mainly, make sure that you have enough funds to qualify for study in Canada.

Start with choosing the right school and program that fits your career and long-term immigration goals. Make choices, which will allow you to work during studies and obtain a post-graduation work permit upon the completion of your program. Finally, make sure that the selected school and program will give you the best chance of obtaining permanent residence in the future.

Now that you have chosen a school and obtained a ‘Letter of Acceptance’, it is time to apply for a study permit. Many experience frustration when their application is refused after so much effort was put into finding a school and getting accepted. A complete study permit application goes beyond what is in the checklist. International applicants often overlook to submit a well thought-out Study Plan and supporting documents to prove their genuine intent.

This is an exciting moment. You have graduated and you are about to gain valuable work experience. Do not miss this opportunity and obtain an open work permit for up to three years. Plan for it and make sure that your spouse can obtain an open work permit too.

A good plan will lead you to an opportunity to apply for permanent residence in Canada. It is important to be familiar with the requirements of various provincial and federal immigration programs (Express Entry). This knowledge will guide you to make the right decision about what opportunity you should be seeking and in what part of Canada. Often, this goes back to selecting the right school.