JP Matters: Saskatoon Immigration Consultant [2021]

I think you’ll agree with me when I say:

It can be DIFFICULT to choose a Saskatoon immigration consultant. Without prior knowledge of the person, you are only guessing if he or she is a good fit for you.

So how do you choose one?

This is exactly what I am going to help you with in this article. I am going to reveal to you:

  • my ways of approaching clients,
  • methods for successful immigration that I have developed, and
  • my personal and professional philosophy.

All of these are building blocks that have helped me create a new-style immigration agency in Saskatchewan.

I am going to give you an insight into my day-to-day immigration practice that you have not been offered before.  

In the end, you will be able to make a judgement call whether I could be your Saskatoon immigration consultant and take care of your files.


You will learn a thing or two a licensed immigration consultant in Saskatchewan, like myself, finds important for successful immigration.

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What do clients expect from an immigration consultant?

What is the number one thing a person wants from an immigration consultant?

Is it a low price?

Although it is an important factor, I doubt it is the number one thing.

My experience clearly shows that clients want to know that they are in good hands.

But how do you know whether you are in good hands?

It is a commonplace that an information WALL exists between clients and immigration consultants.

You don’t know them and they don’t you.

BUT Some of us are on a mission to change this.

It turns out that the immigration consulting industry has matured significantly over the past decade…

…the most progressive among us understand that the old-fashioned take-it-or-leave-it approach to clients is no longer viable.

Nowadays, clients demand to know about the immigration consultant’s style of work, what drives his/her thinking and how he or she will bring value to them.


I could just repeat the worn-out phrases like…

  • Hire an immigration consultant to save time and money.
  • An immigration consultant will help you avoid problems and mistakes.
  • A qualified consultant will stand up for you.
  • An Immigration consultant provides personal attention.
  • Etc…

All these are true BUT…

…they are true only if they are executed as intended.

In my opinion, statements like these, lack substance.

What is the bottom line?


I am going to invite you into my immigration world and show you how I do things and what has formed me professionally…

…and you can let me know in the comments below if you think I can provide value to you and your family as my clients.

Saskatoon Immigration Consultant: Who I am

Immigration Consultant in Saskatchewan Jan Pavel at UofS

My name is Jan Pavel and I am the founder of JP Matters Immigration Consulting.

I am a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant, or for short RCIC.

… and I would like to be your RCIC in Saskatoon.


You might be wondering what this title means.

In fact, this is where you should start your search for any professional immigration help.

It means that the Canadian government allows to me legally represent clients with immigration matters.

And, it means that I have to adhere to a strict Code of Conduct or there would be a penalty for me.

… so start by checking my status with my profession’s regulator CICC, here.

In fact, you should check on any consultant that you are considering. If he or she is not on the list than do not proceed.

Immigration Consultant Saskatoon ICCRC Professional
Immigration Consultant Canada ICCRC Active RCIC
Immigration Consultant Saskatoon RCIC

I am also one of the FWRISA licensed immigration consultants in Saskatchewan.

FWRISA stands for The Foreign Worker Recruitment and Immigration Services Act. This Saskatchewan act provides additional protection to you, foreign nationals immigrating to Saskatchewan. See more information on the act here.  

My Saskatoon Immigration Agency

I opened my own Saskatoon immigration agency after many years working in the immigration industry.

I started as an administrative assistant and worked my way up to an Operations Manager and Immigration Consultant.

Over the past 11+ years, I have been involved in all aspects of the Canadian economic and family immigration.

I have certainly done my fair share.

100s of applications have passed through my hands over the years.

More than once I have been called the LMIA guy.

And I am proud of this nickname. LMIAs are one of the most feared applications in the industry.

If you don’t know what an LMIA is, check out my page on this subject (see LMIAs).

There is a good chance that you will need it at some point in your immigration journey.

You will also find in MY REPERTOIRE:

LMIA-based work permits, study permits, visitor permits, francophone mobility work permits, work permits based on free trade agreements, International Experience Canada work permits, a number of provincial nominee programs, permanent residence applications through Express Entry, family sponsorships, fixing refusals, and much more…

However, this is not the only thing I have learned.

…and here we are getting to my first point.

Knowing how to do applications is nothing if you cannot earn the trust of potential clients that you can do what you say you can do.

So, how do I do it?

I impress clients with unprecedented transparency. I personally call it ‘Education through Transparency.’

1. Education through Transparency

You may say ‘Transparency’ is just a fancy word.

Let me show you…

The week when I was writing this article, I had several consultations with candidates for permanent residence through the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program. Specifically, through the International Skilled Worker: Employment Offer stream.

I know very well that these folks had likely never heard of terms such as: Job Approval, Nomination Certificate, Spousal Open Work Permit, federal application for Permanent Residence, etc. You name it.


I also know that I want my clients to be my partners in the process.

I cannot and I do not want to keep them in the dark.

So what do I do?

I educate them.

Some would roll their eyes thinking that I am giving everything out.

But I take pride in my approach. I know that I have a lot more value to offer.

I take my time to explain each step. I elaborate how these steps flow, why one step is important for the next one, how long each application can take and what costs, apart from my fees, the client should expect.

I do all this verbally AS WELL AS in writing in the follow up email.

I include government links to each of the programs proposed, list the summary of the person’s qualifications and include progress charts so that my clients have a visual understanding how and when things will happen.

immigration consultant saskatoon progress chart

Example of an email.

Immigration Consultant Saskatoon Email Consult

And it gets better:

I not only educate MY clients.

I also make important information highly accessible for anyone.

2. Highly Accessible Immigration Information

Is this your first time on my website?

If so, you will soon see that I do not limit my professional help to consultations or preparation of complete applications.

I also give out FREE information.

If you visit my service categories (STUDY, WORK, IMMIGRATE, SPONSOR, etc.) anywhere on my website, you will see that I point out things that I find important for a person’s immigration journey.

Go ahead and click though.

Now, here is the kicker:

I also make professional immigration advice accessible through a really LOW-COST Ask-an-Immigration-Question-Tool.

What is this you wonder?

Basically, life has it that anyone has a question here and there about an immigration program, forms or the process.

Especially, if you do your applications on your own.

Not everybody hires an immigration consultant. I understand that.

With me and this tool, you can get an answer to your specific immigration questions without paying the full price for a consultation.

My answers start at $10 CAD!!!

How does it works?

It is very simple. Submit your question. I will review it and let you know how much I would charge for an answer. Then, you can decide if you want to proceed or not.

Trust me, I tend to be generous with my fees.

My goal is to provide quality advice and make sure that you are content with the guidance you receive.

… perhaps, one day, you will tell your friends or family that you know a Saskatoon immigration consultant who can help them out…

… and that is good enough for me. 

Check out the last section of this article for other creative ways to get my professional immigration help, which will save you money.

Example of a question answered:

3. A Good Immigration Plan is Everything

The FACT is:

a large majority of foreign nationals, who come to Canada to work or study, will want to obtain permanent residence (PR) at one point in time.

There is nothing more hopeless than working in Canada in an occupation that cannot qualify you for PR.


You have graduated from a Canadian post-secondary school with a degree that may limit your options to apply for permanent residence.

Your post-graduate work permit may have short validity or you are required, in your province, to obtain a job in the field of your education, which you find very difficult.

The SOLUTION to this:


 from the beginning.

Recently, I had a TEXTBOOK consultation with a 30-year old young lady who stood at a point in her life when she wanted to advance her education and possibly immigrate to Canada permanently.

I really enjoy this part…

I am a bit of a geek, you know…  But more about that later…

I prepared with her a comprehensive plan how to achieve her goal. 

So what did we do?

  1. First things first: We verified that she qualifies for a study permit,
  2. considered her life situation to find support for demonstrating Genuine Intent,
  3. reviewed study fields she would prefer, and
  4. identified study programs that make most sense with her immigration goal in mind,
  5. prioritized programs to allow her benefit the most from the Post-Graduation Work Permit, 
  6. draw outlines of her future Study Plan (very important!),
  7. compared provinces based on their provincial programs for graduates,
  8. ran specific scenarios (eligibility and points calculation) for obtaining PR through these programs,
  9. simulated her points calculation and eligibility for federal Express Entry,
  10. selected the best avenues for obtaining PR,
  11. equipped her with tools for finding eligible schools and programs, and
  12. answered all her questions.

Long story short:

Now, we have a PLAN that we will follow.

In fact, we even have a plan B.

Planning is equally important when it comes to workers.

Factors such as the type of the job, applicant’s experience and language ability, availability of provincial programs, eligibility for federal programs, employer’s willingness to support the PR of the worker are just some of the factors to consider.

And it is my job to consider them all.

4. Building Your Application Like a Fortress

Remember I told you I was kind of a geek?

Well, yes and it comes very handy now.


The last thing you want is to get your immigration application refused after you put so much effort into finding a job…

…or getting accepted to a Canadian school.

Just like it is important to have a plan, it is also crucial to build a strong application.

Like a fortress, it must have strong walls and the roof cannot leak!

I approach each application like I am building a fortress.

Immigration Consultant in Saskatchewan fortress

Instead of stones I use evidence and I prevent any leakage by making sure that my evidence matches my arguments.

Here is the point:

Even if your poorly built fortress takes the few first cannon ball hits from an immigration officer, it may crumble later when you least expect it.

If you are coming to Canada as a worker or student, your initial application for work/study permit should be done perfectly so you do not have to change your story later when you apply for permanent residence.

That could be fatal.

The same applies to pretty much any immigration application.

As I am not the only Saskatoon immigration consultant, let alone the only immigration consultant in Saskatchewan, I cannot let my reputation go by neglecting important facts.

Word spreads and I would lose my customers.

So what do I do about it?

I always start with a solid foundation. I ask all the difficult questions about your criminal history, health, immigration history including visa refusals, prior applications to Canada, etc.

You would be surprised, past issues do not necessarily mean that your application cannot be successful.

Honesty is the ultimate guide in such matters.

When I am building the wall, my skills of the geek truly shine.

I enjoy geography, knowing about countries, their people, culture, political history and economy.

This helps me put the information you give me into a context.

I make sure that every single piece of information, every document you give me matches with one another.

It gets better:

I will literally make sure that the address where you lived is in the proximity of your work place at the time. I will use google maps to see the commuting distance.

If I assume that it humanly impossible to commute such distance, I will ask you if you did not provide your ‘permanent address’ in the place of your actual, physical address at the time.

I cross-check all the dates, occupation titles, names, employment and educational history with one another, with documents you provide and openly accessible resources.


I do not do this to catch you, I do this to prepare the application you expect me to prepare.

I can be your best advocate only if I believe it myself.

I will always look at your application like I am an immigration officer looking for possible holes or leakage.

Although no guarantees exist in the immigration world, giving you the best chance for success is my ultimate goal.

5. I Have Been in Your Shoes

Immigrating to a new country is something one must experience to truly and fully understand the cocktail of emotions you go though.

I have been there!

Before I became an Immigration Consultant in Saskatoon, I had an immigration story of my own.


I come from the Czech Republic and I first moved to Canada as an international student.

I prepared and submitted all my immigration applications, starting with a study permit, study permit extensions, post-graduation work permit, provincial nominee application, application for permanent residence and eventually citizenship.

And I admit I was very stressed about it at times.

With almost no help, I had some sleepless nights.

What is the bottom line?

I know how my clients feel and I do everything in my power to make them feel as secure as possible.


… is what drive’s me to achieve this.

Last but not least, kind words and frequent and accurate updates make a big difference.

The best is a big smile at the end of the process when the immigration journey is complete. Like here in the picture from my Citizenship ceremony.

Immigration Consultant Saskatoon Jan Pavel

6. Creative Ways to Use My Services

In my everyday life, I prefer services or products that fit exactly my needs.

It is VERY frustrating:

…when you have to buy for instance a pack of 20 batteries when you need just one for your razor.

Especially when the last battery was good for almost a year.

The same applies to immigration.

Do not buy more than you need to.

JP Matters Immigration Consulting is an immigration agency in Saskatoon where you can get immigration services tailor-made to your needs.

I already mentioned my Ask-an-Immigration-Question tool.

In addition:

…my services can include:

  • developing an immigration plan,
  • consulting on completion of immigration forms,
  • guidance on supporting documents,
  • resolving problems or refusals,
  • advising on next steps,
  • etc.

Contact me for FREE (phone/Whatsapp/email), describe your request and get a quote for my professional help.

I am friends with technology…

…so you can send me screenshots, videos through Whatsapp describing your problem and I will get back to you.

If you are looking for a job in Canada, do not forget to leave your resume with me (click here to submit).


Do NOT miss our Job Board with current jobs in Canada for foreign workers.

Unlike some, I like receiving resumes.

Although, I do not actively search for jobs for people, I occasionally receive employment opportunities from my business clients.

If your qualifications match, I will contact you to see if you are interested.

I do not charge for finding employment. All recruitment costs are paid by the employer. I earn my living primarily though immigration consulting.


you may want to check out my recruitment services. A FREE CONSULTATION is included.

I am excited to hear from you as either my clients-to-be or in the comments below. You can also just send me an email with anything you would like to share.

PS: You can follow me on Facebook to see the latest news from my office.

Best regards,


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  1. Hello sir/medam
    I have a friend in saskatoon she want to sponser me to Canada but she don’t about the process so you people can assist me how to do that

    1. Hello Shahfahad, I can certainly review your situation and tell you what your options are. I will contact you via email to inquire more. Regards, Jan Pavel, RCIC

  2. I am living in Bhopal, India. I have done Bachelor of Science (Maths, Geology, Physics), 1 Year Post Graduate Computer Diploma, and Bachelor of Law (3 years course). I have been doing Property Administrator and Builder work since 2002. I am interested in Yukon Community Pilot Program (YCP). I didn’t do IELTS and ECA yet. Please give me some information. My brother and sister are living in Saskatoon Canada.

  3. Hi Jan, Thank you so much for such a wonderful presentation about what you do and how you do. I bet very few Immigration Consultant would do that. The way you tried to enlighten people about your work is truly appreciable. A big THANK YOU.

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